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    Armory Garage welcomes only the best on board-which means our sales representatives, parts department, service department, and finance team are the cream of the crop. As Albany, New York's top Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and FIAT showroom and dealership, we're proud to offer the most impressive lineup of new and used vehicles around the metro area. Our level of customer service is unmatched. To learn more about our staff members, click on each individual below to learn more.

  • Albie Russo
    Vice President - Sales
    (518) 641-7722

  • Christopher Siegel
    Pre-Owned Director
    (518) 641-7674

    Chris Siegel started in Armory Garage's parts department in 1981 and recently returned as our Pre-Owned Director.

    The Long Island native says he loves what he does because he's a car guy who enjoys working with people. He believes it's Armory Garage's nearly 100 years in the car business that sets us apart from the competition. He says his favorite on the Armory lot is the Chrysler 300 with all wheel drive.

    Not only does he work with cars, he enjoys watching them for fun too. He's a big Nascar fan and can easily lose an afternoon watching the racers go around the track.

    Siegel says he's most proud of being a father and husband.

  • Rocco Peluso
    Sales Manager

  • Todd Corcoran
    Director of Business Management
    (518) 641-7798

    Glens Falls native Todd Corcoran worked in finance for more than 25 years before joining Armory Garage.

    Corcoran says he likes what he does because of the people he works with and the company he works for. He believes Armory Garage's size and the fact we don't play games with our customers sets us apart from other dealerships.

    Todd likes to spend time with his fiancee and her kids for fun, and cherishes time with his dog, Chucky. He also likes to cook.

    His proudest accomplishment was starting, and running, a multimillion dollar business. He hired over 100 people over a 12-year period.

  • Preston Ritter
    Assistant Sales Manager
    (518) 641-7769

    Preston Ritter is excited to join the Armory family and to be able to help his new customers find their perfect car.

    "I like the rewarding feeling of finding a vehicle that someone will enjoy and maybe even make their life a little easier," said Ritter.

    The Catskill native thinks there's a few aspects of Armory Garage that sets us apart from the competition, not the least of which being our nearly 100 year history. He also points out the huge volume of product we have on the lot and the added perk of being enrolled in the Armory Club when you purchase an eligible vehicle.

    Ritter loves the outdoors. In the winter he can be found snowboarding, and in the summer doing anything that gets him outside, from hiking to basketball.

    His dream car is a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, and his favorite car on the lot is the 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T.

    His appreciation of powerful engines isn't limited to ground-based transportation: he has logged over 55 hours of flight time in a single engine plane.

  • Eric Cangelosi
    Business Manager

    Eric Cangelosi has been in sales for over 17 years, and considering the fact he's been a Jeep lover forever (he has two in the family), he thinks coming to Armory was a natural evolution.

    He believes Armory sets itself apart from the competition by being fast, friendly and fair.

    The Brooklyn native likes to fish when he has the time, and says his proudest moment was the birth of his first son.

  • Keith Scianna
    Business Manager

    Keith Scianna has been in the car business for over 14 years now and is excited to be part of the team here at the Armory Automotive Group.

    The Fishkill, NY native says he was looking for a dealership he could call home, and knew Armory would be the perfect fit. He was drawn in by the dealership's nearly 100 years of history and excellent sales staff.

    When he's not working Scianna enjoys spending as much time as he can with his family, including his son Brady who he considers to be his greatest accomplishment. He's also been a Jets season ticket holder for over a decade.

    Scianna is a graduate of the University at Albany. 

  • Bob Tellone
    Business Manager

    Bob Tellone has more than 20 years experience working in the car industry, beginning his career after a good friend encouraged him to get into the business.

    The Tampa Bay, Florida native was excited to join the Armory team because of our good reputation in the area. 

    "Everyone in the Capital District knows Armory is a great place to work."

    Tellone likes to spend his spare time with friends and family. He particularly enjoys playing golf and going fishing with his son whenever possible. He also enjoys taking trips into New York City.

  • Jim Clark
    Commercial Sales Manager

    Armory Garage is a family tradition for Jim Clark III.

    The Albany native is a third-generation employee, following in his father Jim Clark Jr., and his grandfather, Jim Clark Sr.'s footsteps. Though he took time off in-between then and now, Clark actually worked at Armory when he was younger. He'd help out by cleaning cars in the body shop or prepping car bodies for work. He also sold used cars for us when he was a teenager.

    "Armory is an institution," Clark said, "and it's the loyalty of our customers to that institution that sets us apart."

    Clark helps build that loyalty everyday, saying his favorite aspect of the job is helping the children of his father's former customers get into their own cars.

    His father always wanted Clark to be more involved in Armory, and was very happy to see hime rejoin the team.

    When he's not here with us, Clark is busy keeping up with his three children, 2-year-old twins Jim Clark IV and Kathleen, and 4-year-old Grace. He also likes to travel with his wife, Grace, as well as fish and play golf.

    Cars are not the only thing Clark knows, he has a NYS license for Real Estate sales and also holds a U.S. Coastguard Captain's license. 

  • Patricia Father
    Internet Client Services Specialist
    (518) 641-7787

    Customer relations specialist Patricia Father has been in the car industry for years, getting a job through a friend and then never turning back.

    The Albany native says she loves working at Armory Garage.

    "I love what I do because I like dealing with people and finding them exactly what they want."

    She believes the fact we've been a family owned business for nearly 100 years makes Armory stand apart from other dealerships. 

    When she's not here, Patricia likes to go out shopping for fun.

  • Ray Echevarria
    Customer Relations Specialist

    Ray Echevarria has been in the car industry for several years, and says he enjoys his job as a client services specialist because it gives him a chance to build rapport and earn the trust of our customers.

    "My goal is to establish a relationship and make you feel comfortable so by the time you get to the dealership, you know you have someone here who has shared information with you and is prepared for your visit."

    Echevarria, a native of Puerto Rico who was raise in Brooklyn, thinks it's Armory's professionalism and desire to be number one that sets us apart from other dealerships. 

    When he's not at the dealership, Ray enjoys watching his son play baseball and other sports. He also does his part to help organize tournaments.

    "To see his enjoyment means the world to me."

    Not surprisingly, he says raising his children has been his greatest accomplishment.

  • Thom Thayer
    Inventory Manager

    Thom Thayer has spent more than seven years working at Armory Garage.

    The Troy native came to us after working in data processing for 30 years with Key Bank. He remembered his experiences buying cars from Armory while on the hunt for a new job, and jumped at the opportunity when he learned we were hiring.

    "Seven years later, all is well!"

    Thayer loves what he does at Armory, saying he likes how busy it keeps him. He believes it's the team here that sets us apart from other dealerships.

    "...although I have never worked at other dealerships, I do know and talk to a lot of sales people from all over. It seems the dealerships that foster a 'team approach' versus a cut throat sales floor serve their customers better."

    Thom prefers to take it easy when not putting people in a new car, either by enjoying time with his family or by immersing himself in a good book.

  • Harry Roselan
    Certified Sales Consultant

  • Bob Sitcer
    Certified Sales Consultant

    When asked if Bob has enjoyed his 40+ years in the car business, he replies, "well, I'm still here aren't I?" That's Bob, sit down with him and you're guaranteed a good laugh.

    Bob has been part of the Armory family for nearly 30 years and prides himself on making it easy to buy a car. Simply put, tell Bob what car you want and he'll get you the best deal.

    A quad cab Ram truck is Bob's favorite Armory pick because it has everything you could want with power, performance and good looks. When not at the Armory Center, Bob is on his Harley, his favorite way to disconnect - no cell phone, no computer - no bother.

  • Jerome Rucker
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Jerome Rucker initially came to Armory to pitch a promotional service to us, but ended up inadvertently pitching himself instead.

    Rucker was hired on the spot after impressing a former manager with his ability to sell.

    "He said, if you can sell me that, you can definitely sell cars," Rucker recalled.

    Years later and the Albany native hasn't looked back, spending almost half of his decade-long career in the car industry with us. He believes it's Armory's expansive inventory, incredible service department, and the professional demeanor of our employees that sets us apart.

    Though he has a lot to be proud of professionally, Rucker says his greatest accomplishment was getting five kids through college, and one through the Marines. 

    He's also a big sports fan, opting to spend his free time volunteering as a basketball coach, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors. 

  • Billy Martin
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Billy Martin first got into the car industry in 1996 thanks to a friend's referral. The Latham native has been going strong ever since, working at Armory for a majority of his time in the business.

    When the Yankees fan isn't helping customers find the perfect vehicle, he's playing softball and enjoying time with his family. He especially enjoys spending time with his young son Chase, who he considers his proudest accomplishment.

    Martin studied Communications at Hudson Valley Community College.

    As far as cars on the Armory lot go, he's a fan of the Grand Cherokee Summit.

  • Dave Ramon
    Certified Sales Consultant

  • Billy Comtois
    Certified Sales Consultant
    (518) 641-7678

    Billy Comtois loves being a certified sales consultant and member of the Armory team.

    The Bethlehem native joined us after a stint in the restaurant business, and says it was Armory's 96-plus years of history and the fact that we're a family owned and operated company that made the move appealing. The exciting atmosphere and good people who work here were an added bonus.

    Comtois has a passion for dealing with people and a desire to get them what they want, especially if what they want is a new car.

    His own dream car is the 2016 Dodge Charger Hellcat, an entirely different beast than his Armory favorite, the Jeep Cherokee.

    Comtois is also an accomplished bowler, being the youngest person (at the time) to make the Empire State Games at the age of 14. He still bowls in his spare time, and enjoys a good hike.

  • Carolyn Hendrickson
    Certified Sales Consultant

    If you asked Carolyn Hendrickson why she chose to work at Armory Garage over any of our competitors, she'd tell you it was the fun work environment and how well everyone works together.

    There's a lot of reasons why she enjoys working here, but there's one that stands out from the others.

    "I love meeting new people and building honest, long-lasting relationships with them," she said.

    The Altamont-native loves to spend her free time with friends and family, and says her proudest accomplishment was learning how to fix commercial laundry and dry-cleaning equipment from her father.

    She says her favorite car on the Armory lot is the Cherokee Limited.

  • Morgan Williams
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Morgan Williams comes to Armory after a chance encounter with our HR representative.

    The Albany native has worked in retail for over ten years, and met Russo on the job. He was so good at selling she asked him if he'd be interested in joining us right on the spot.

    Williams is excited to join the team, and can't wait to help get our customers into the perfect vehicle. He believes our long history is what sets us apart from other dealerships. He considers us to be the trusted name in the region.

    An admitted "organic foodie," Williams loves to garden and cook. In his spare time he's also taken up learning about aquaponics and solar power.

    If he had his choice of any car on the lot, Williams would pick the new 2015 Chrysler 300C in red with Beats audio and a sick set of rims. 

  • David Crist
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Dave Crist has a long history in the car business, having spent 25 years on the service side until coming over to sales two years ago.

    The Boston native believes his job has always been a great fit. He loves people, loves cars, and loved the opportunity to work with both every day. But why Armory? Crist thinks it's our dealership's commitment to professionalism, transparency, and always having the best inventory that sets us apart from the competition.

    Outside of work, Crist is an active member of his church and Sunday school teacher. For fun, he enjoys going out in a kayak, golfing, and building furniture.

    His greatest sense of pride comes from raising his two daughters.

  • Brian Walts
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Brian Walts likes to take care of people and make them happy, which makes him a great fit for his position as a certified sales consultant here at Armory Garage.

    The Albany native believes it's our massive inventory of pre-owned and new Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Chrysler vehicles that sets us apart from the competition.

    Walts is a Giants and Mets fan, and can be found playing both basketball and softball to pass the time. He also enjoys going out into Albany and trying new restaurants.

    He is most proud of moving across country at the age of 18 and living in Arizona for seven years.

  • Sauro Iardella
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Sauro Iardella knew when he wanted to start his career, he wanted to do it in the car industry.

    The Tuscany, Italy native says he loves cars and he loves people. He likes the fact his job gives him the opportunity to make people happy and make them feel important. He loves to see people driving away in a vehicle they'll love.

    When asked why Armory, Sauro says it's the Armory Automotive Group's long history, awesome showroom, and professionalism that won him over. He believes those factors set us apart from the competition.

    When he's not selling cars, Iardella can be found riding his bike, playing the guitar, or hanging out with his daughter.

  • Dan Melchior
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Dan Melchior says he got "sold" on the opportunity to join the car business and hasn't looked back.

    Melchior loves his job because it gives him the opportunity to help people find the right vehicle for them. He also enjoys making "customers for life." He chose to join the Armory Automotive Group because of our inventory, professional staff, and upfront pricing.

    Outside of work the Potsdam-native enjoys spending time with his family and partaking in the occasional round of golf. He's also heavily involved with his children's schooling, being the assistant to the president of the PTA since 2008. He also helps coach their sport teams.

  • Chuck Lansing
    Certified Sales Consultant
    (518) 641-7758

    Chuck Lansing was recruited into the car business by a friend more than 20 years ago.

    Lansing loves working in the auto industry, saying that no two days are ever the same. He's always enjoys meeting new people with unique circumstances, and he enjoys helping them find the vehicle that fits their needs.

    The choice to bring his years of experience to Armory was easy. He says the transparent way we do business, the friendly staff, and the support we give customers sets us apart from the competition.

    The East Greenbush native spends his free time with his five children, wife, and two dogs. He says his proudest accomplishment is building his family and giving his children everything they need to be successful.

  • Jason Franks
    Certified Sales Consultant
    (518) 641-7641

    Jason Franks first broke into the automotive industry while living in Colorado.

    He says his competitive nature is a big reason why he loves doing what he does. He also likes making people happy by finding them exactly what they were looking for. Franks believes Armory sets itself apart by truly caring about their customers.

    When not at work, the Chatham-native likes to play sports and work out.

  • Michael Dougherty
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Mike Dougherty came to Armory seeking a change of pace after years working as a bartender. 

    "It was either this or law school, and I think I chose wisely."

    The Broadalbin native says he loves working here because there's always something to do and no day is the same as the last. He also likes working with people. As he says, this is a "customer-driven business, pun intended."

    Dougherty thinks Armory sets itself apart from the competition by having a huge selection of vehicles that can fit any need. He also thinks we have one of the friendliest staffs in the area.  

  • Machenzie Carpenter
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Machenzie Carpenter's step mother was a sales consultant, and as he grew older he realized that would also be the perfect job for him.

    He loves what he does because of the reactions he gets from customers after getting them into the exact car they were looking for. He thinks it's the dealership's dedication to finding the right car, and not just pushing people into anything they'll agree to, that sets Armory apart from the competition.

    The Troy native likes to work out and spend time with his family when he's not working, and says his proudest moment was finding out he's going to be a father.